The continuum of metaphor processing

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2001
Authors  Bortfeld, Heather; McGlone, Matthew S.
Journal Title  Metaphor and Symbol
Volume  16
Pagination  75-86
Key Words  metaphor; cognitive psychology; continuum of metaphor processing; metaphor processing; processing set; psycholinguistics
Abstract   We describe the explanatory value of a relativistic account of metaphor processing in which different modes of metaphor interpretation are assumed to be operative in different discourse contexts. Employing the cognitive psychological notion of a processing set, we explain why people might favor attributional interpretations of figurative expressions in some circumstances and analogical interpretations in others. Applying this logic to findings in the psycholinguistic literature on metaphor suggests that some of the competing models may in fact describe different points on a continuum of metaphor processing(Heather Bortfeld and Matthew McGlone).
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